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Hello and welcome back to our latest DRN newsletter edition on "The Military Body and Mind". We are excited to share contributions showcasing some of the remarkable work being conducted by our network members and related organisations.

In the researcher spotlight section we are thrilled to introduce y two of our network members, Oliver Sullivan and Pete Ladlow both based at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Stanford Hall. The accompanying feature offers some more insight of what the DMRC do as part of the Academic Department of Military Rehabilitation (ADMR), advancing rehabilitation medicine and technologies.

The feature from the Museum of Military Medicine provides historical perspective tracing the development of military medicine in peacetime and conflict from the 1640s to present day. It also has a great podcast series which we'd highly recommend!

Our final two features both offer institutional and personal reflections on the military body and mind. Nicky Murdoch MBE describes her work with the Armed Forces Public Patient Voice Group, their objectives and intersection with academic research. We also share an anonymous Reflection from the Post-Operational Stress Management programme for British Army Counter-IED and Search teams returning from Op Herrick in Afgahanistan.

Our events and opportunities section is packed with exciting projects for you to get involved with and include all the relevant information and contact details of the organisers.

Thank you to all for your valuable contributions. As always, we value your inputs and insights, essential to the success of our network. Please do not hesitate to send us any ideas or submissions for our upcoming themes.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy another fascinating newsletter edition!

Stay cool,

Tegan Watt Harrison
Newsletter Editor
Defence Research Network

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