Welcome to the information page for our monthly Twitter Hour #DefResChat

To foster continuous professional development and support to researchers within the defence community we are hosting a monthly Twitterhour dedicated to defence research topics. A Twitterhour allows instant connection to the defence research community and beyond, engaging around a range of topics which we hope will be thought provoking.

In short between 2000-2100 hrs on the 3rd Wednesday of every month we will host an online discussion linked to matters related to defence research. Four questions will frame the discussion. Answers will be linked through participant inclusion of @DefenceResNet and #DefResChat (so make sure you add that to your answers).

Upcoming #DefResChat  

Join us for Twitter Hour on Wednesday 18th May as we discuss the theme of Intelligence. The questions we'll be asking are:

  1. What topics are you working on? Which areas/aspects of intelligence would you like to see more research on, and why?
  2. What's your favourite go-to source to recommend to friends and colleagues looking at Intelligence Studies?
  3. What are the most interesting debates/biggest challenges taking place in the field of Intelligence Studies at the moment?
  4. How important is secrecy (still) within intelligence?

How to Participate:

Prior to the Twitter Hour details of the topic will be posted on the Defence Research Network Website and the list of questions that will be considered throughout the chat. Details of the chat will be posted on Twitter from the @DefenceResNet account to remind you it is happening.

At 2000 a Defence Research Network committee member will use the @DefenceResNet account to start the conversation by posting the first question, with subsequent questions following every 15 minutes or so.  Questions are limited to 3/4 to allow conversations to grow and connections to be built.

Questions will stimulate responses from different Twitter users, the idea is that you engage with the responses that resonate with you to stimulate conversations in many different directions. This can be fast paced as there may be a flurry of responses, but the more you engage the more manageable we hope it will be. You do not need to respond to every tweet or question please engage on the topics that you enjoy and are interested in.

Please be sure all of your replies include @DefenceResNet and the #DefResChat hashtag so that all users can see your responses and to make sure that all tweets are linked.

NB: If your Twitter account is usually protected (i.e., if you have a padlock next to your handle), people will not be able to see your tweets. Be sure to turn this protection off if you would like people to interact with you!

Reflective Practice:

We encourage that following the Twitterhour you take some time to consider what you have learnt from the chat and to follow up anything of interest. It may be useful to consider the following questions?

1.)    What were my expectations before engaging in the Twitterhour?

2.)    What did I learn that was new during the Twitterhour?

3.)    What would l like to know more about?

4.)    What can help me to further develop my knowledge on this topic.

Visit the Twitter Hour Archive to see all our past DefResChats!