The PhD Journey - Part 2 (21/07/22).  In this episode we are looking at options beyond your PhD.

The PhD Journey - Part 1 (11/05/22).  In this episode we give advice and considerations before commencing doctoral study.

Webinar: Methodologies (24 June 2020 with pannellists, Dr Veronika Poniscjakova, Dr Alex Waterman and Dr Sophy Antrobus). What the webinar here:

Webinar: A submariner's perspective on isolation. (29 April 2020 with guest speaker, Tim West).

Counterinsurgency Forum 2.0 (Land Warfare Centre, 26 February 2020)

Relaunch and Networking Evening (Kings College London, 2 December 2019)

The Voice of the Veteran as Researcher (Kings College London, 19 November 2019)

Bridging the Gap: Knowledge Exchange between Post Graduate and Early Career Researchers in Defence Research (Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, 28 November 2018)

Veteran Researcher Workshop (University of Bristol, 6 October 2018)

Collaboration Workshop (Veterans and Families Research Hub, Anglia Ruskin University, 28 February 2018)

Inaugural Seminar (University of Bristol, 11 May 2017)

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