We have co-convened two COIN Forums with the Land Warfare Centre, Warminster bringing together practitioners, policy makers, Post Graduate Researchers, Early Career Researchers and more established academics. The following list of recommended reading is just a starting point collated from a recent DRN Twitter hour on the subject of counterinsurgency. Please get in touch if your research falls under the umbrella of COIN as it would be great to make more connections.


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  • ‘Learning to eat soup with a knife’ by John Nagl
  • ‘A bright shining lie’ by Neil Sheehan
  • ‘A Feminist Approach to British Counterinsurgency’ by Claire Duncanson and Hilary Cornish
  • ‘The New Counter-insurgency Era in Critical Perspective’ ed. by Celeste Ward Gventer, David Martin Jones and MLR Smith
  • ‘The Political Impossibility of Modern Counterinsurgency’ by M.L.R Smith and David Jones
  • ‘War From the Ground Up: Twenty first century combat as politics’ by Emile Simpson
  • ‘Counterinsurgency’ by David Kilcullen