Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

We have decided to host a monthly writing group for DRN researchers and invite you to participate.  The  writing group is based around the principles of Murry and Newton (2009)  and will take place online. The purpose is to create a community of  writers (Grant, 2006) and a space in which you can focus on your  writing.

The format for the group is as follows: Duration is 2 hours:
1. 15 min welcome and SMART goal setting
2. 90 minutes of focused writing
3. 15 min review of goals i.e. have you achieved your writing goal aim.

You  will be invited to turn off all of your distractions during this time,  such as email and mobile phones. You will also be asked to turn of your  microphone. A member of the DRN will manage the timings of the group and  notify you when it is time to finish your writing.

The first writing group will take place on the 22th of June. This will be an evening writing group from 1900-2100 GMT.  If you are unable to make the start of the group, please feel free to join and write your goal in the chat.

If interested in participating, please register via Eventbrite and a link will be emailed out to you closer to the time.