A few things you should know

  1. The DRN committee has welcomed new members over the past year, and has grown to include 10 members
  2. There are plans to hold elections for committee positions in the coming year
  3. The committee is on the look out for new committee members, email [email protected] to express your interest or talk to a member of the committee at the next event

Our most recent Skype committee meeting

The who's who of the DRN committee

  • Co-chairs: Hannah West and Gavin Topley
  • Twitter manager: Ben Hodges  
  • Website co-ordinators: Dan Leightley & Jemma Humphries
  • Membership administrator: Emily Clifford
  • Secretary and events coordinator: Lucy Wray
  • Collaborations coordinator: Sally

For more information on individual members of the committee visit the Committee page.