The Milspo Effect
Jess is a podcast host and the founder of The Milspo Network CIC.The Milspo Network encompasses both the InDependent Spouse podcast and The Milspo Business Network, which both aim to support military partners through times of transition and isolation, whilst building their confidence and skills to start their own businesses. Scroll down to hear more from Jess herself, and check Milspo out here.

Hi, Jess! Thanks for chatting with us today. Could you tell us some more about Milspo?
The Milspo Network, standing for MILitary Spouses, Partners and Other-halves, is a global network with over 1,200 members. Our community supports SPO’s (spouses, partners and other-halves) to build successful, resilient businesses that reflect modern military life, and in turn, directly supports the UK’s defence mission.The partners of serving military personnel face unique challenges not encountered by their civilian counterparts. For example, armed forces life means that families are regularly moved, often with little notice, to different parts of the UK and world for operational needs. Such a transient way of life means that partners often find themselves separated from their support network and struggling to find suitable work, isolating them further and detrimental to their mental health.

Many in this predominantly female community have found a solution in self-employment. However, here again, military life poses challenges. It is difficult to build a client or customer base when moving every few years. If a business fails, it just reinforces feelings of isolation and low self-worth. That is where the Milspo network comes in. It provides vital support to military-partner run businesses, but more than that, it provides a place to belong.

Digital solutions from Milspo currently provide hugely successful free virtual meet-ups, networking opportunities, workshops, expert training, annual events, and resources that are not limited by location, enabling Milspo members to share experiences and champion each other to achieve their dreams. Milspo’s true stregth lies in connecting an isolated and dispersed community and inspiring them to achieve something greater for themselves.

During the pandemic, the stresses of military life became a catalyst in an already difficult time. Military partners felt even more pressure with extra deployments to the front line on Covid-19 response and the usual operations continuing. In response, Milspo stepped up their online meet-ups to cater to all partners posted worldwide, giving our members an essential link to ‘home’. In addition, it has given Milspo members a vital lifeline to others in business. Together, we have supported and advised business owners and signposting them to crucial government business support.

Achieving ERS silver status this year is particularly special to Milspo members as these awards celebrate the Armed Forces community we live in. We are 100% run by military partners for military partners, so we are proud to see those keeping the ‘Home Front’ being recognised in this way.

If this is something you might be interested in, be sure to visit Milspo's website here.