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'Military  transformation' is a theme many of you are working on and even if it is  not a term you directly identify with through your work, you would  probably be hard pressed not to find an aspect of 'military  transformation' that didn't relate to your research in some way. Perhaps  'military transformation' takes the form of changes in policy impacting  on work with veterans and families or maybe it is about how militaries  have learnt lessons and adapted through history, or even the  applicability of 'military transformation' to other security  institutions. However your path crosses with this theme you should find  plenty of diverse material to stimulate thought and conversation in the  rest of the newsletter. We were delighted to see a panel on the theme  convened by our committee member, Lucie Pebay at the recent British  International Studies Association conference and populated with  participants drawn from an earlier DRN workshop. It is great to continue  that conversation here on our newsletter - we hope you enjoy the read!

Moving to our committee, our super Co-Chair Jemma Humphries will be  heading off to America on the road trip of a lifetime with her husband  from October and will be stepping back from the DRN (although she has  promised to keep us posted on her travels!). Lucy Wray has kindly agreed  to step up to Co-Chair with Hannah West and we will be in a period of  transition for the next couple of months as we work together as a three  and Jemma hands over to Lucy. We are really grateful for all Jemma's  hard work in moving the DRN forward, supporting the committee and her  dedication to the website, thank you and good luck for your travels.

And finally, we will be having a break in August and we really hope that  you will be able to as well. We recognise the important of  breaking with routine, stepping back and putting our feed up for a bit  so that we can come back refreshed in September. We hope that you will  be doing the same at some point and wish you all a well deserved break.  There will be no theme for August and no twitter hour or newsletter but  we will be raring to go come September and look forward to engaging with  you all then. Have a lovely summer!

Thank you all for your ongoing support and do talk to us about anything you need help with.

Hannah West, Jemma Humphries and Lucy Wray
Co-Chairs of the Defence Research Network

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