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Greetings  everyone! It has been super to get stuck back in to all things DRN this  last month and we have so enjoyed hearing from you all with questions,  sharing publications and telling us about events. When we first started  out those in our little team were all at the start of our PhDs and  struggling to single handedly keep an eye out for all the amazing things  that were going on. We were missing new publications, exciting  events and calls for papers. This was one of our main motivations for  setting up the network so that as a group we could share these things  and help each other.

It is great to receive so many messages each month sharing your  publications and successes as well as your questions. Our newsletter  goes to over 400 people now so hopefully we really are performing the  function of becoming that one stop shop to find out what is going on in  the defence research world as well as sharing what you have been up to.  This month we received two separate questions about interviews and focus  groups with veterans and military personnel, leading to us setting up  an informal lunchtime session for some good old peer to peer support.  So, do keep sending your questions in or getting in touch if you'd like  to co-host or run a session. We like to keep things simple and are  always open to new ideas.

And please read on to find out more about the DRN at the Defence and  Security Doctoral Symposium being held next week. We will have a stand  so do come and say hi and let us know if you are presenting, taking part  in the 3MT or entering the vairous poster and image competitions.

Enjoy the newsletter and do get in touch if there is anything you'd like  to share with us for the November newsletter, going out at the end of  the month. Thanks as ever to everyone who has contributed to this one  and, of course, to Tami Santos, who does such a great job editing and  pulling it all together!

Hannah West and Lucy Wray
Co-Chairs of the Defence Research Network

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