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The end of October already - I hope you are all settling into the new academic year okay and into the swing of teaching, if teaching is a part of what you do. We are delighted to be able to turn our attention to teaching defence, military and security studies and I'm really grateful to Baris Celik who has championed this cause since joining our committee.

Whether you teach in a University, Professional Military Education  or other setting and whether that takes the form of seminars, guest lectures or convening modules it is great to be able to make the space for a conversation about what it means to be teaching about war and conflict to military or civilian scholars. This newsletter bring together experience from across this space and you will find lots to reflect on including resources and advice. We hope this is just the start for the Defence Research Network plans to do much more in facilitating a continuing conversation, hopefully through future workshops.

As ever, we'd love to hear from you, whether about teaching or anything else you have been up to. The end of November will see the committee get together to plan our programme for the next year so if there is a theme you'd like us to cover or collaborate on, then do get in touch.

Take care,

Hannah West
Chair of the Defence Research Network

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