Hello everyone! In searching for an image to accompany a newsletter with a NATO theme, I came across this photograph of the 1949 foundation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The more I have looked at it the more it has made me think about who we can see around the table, how they got to be the one in the chair and, importantly, who is not there. It is a strikingly white, male image, 'of its time' some might say but I think there is a lot we could learn if we were to really interrogate this founding moment. Over seventy years have elapsed since and, if nothing else, NATO remains high on the global news agenda, it's prominence coming and going over the decades. I hope the insightful commentaries from all those contributing to this newsletter trigger new reflection on NATO's history, challenges and relevance today.  

Thank you so much to Veronika for coordinating the theme this month, with help from Ann also. Wishing everyone a good month ahead and we look forward to hearing from you with anything you would like us to share in next month's newsletter.

Thank you,

Hannah West
Chair of the Defence Research Network

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