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Hello everyone! It has been super to connect with so many of you this month. Thank you for the great response to our themes on Twitter, we have loved hearing your enthusiasm to collaborate and work with us on many of them and it is brilliant to have so many new ideas coming forward. We have enjoyed exploring researcher wellbeing this month and had such a warm and supportive conversation with everyone who joined us for our online event - so many practical tips came from this and the Twitter hour so check it all out later in the newsletter. Thank you so much to Veronika Poniscjakova and Lucie Pebay for leading the theme this month.

Sadly, my Co-Chair, Lucy Wray has had to stand down from the committee due to the pressure of other work commitments. We are really sorry about this, me especially, because Lucy has done so much for the DRN since joining (without Lucy we wouldn't have a Twitter hour!) but we understand how important it is to prioritise when you have a lot on your plate, and this feels like the perfect example for our theme of wellbeing, and from someone who has done so much to look after the wellbeing of our committee and network. Thank you, Lucy and keep in touch.

Happily, we have welcomed Baris Celik to our committee in a new role as teaching lead. We are really excited about this and are looking forward to starting a conversation about teaching in defence and military related fields, as well as in academic and military settings so watch this space!

In keeping with our theme, take care and reach out if we can support you in any way.

Hannah West
Chair of the Defence Research Network

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